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Pet Nutrition Products was founded on the principle of providing necessary solutions to promote better pet health and increase the quality of life in the pet community. Their team includes members of the medical community who guide and develop their PNP brand products and evaluate and select the many other products they carry. All of the products are designed to work with a healthy pet regimen that includes proper exercise, diet and veterinarian visits. An emphasis is placed on preventative health care and it is considered to be more important than ever.


Drs. Fosters & Smith

Who We Are…

Pet owners look to Drs. Foster & Smith for quality pet products for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets — all at affordable prices.

When Drs. Foster and Smith started their first animal hospital more than 20 years ago, their goal was to help pets live healthier, happier lives by providing the highest quality veterinary care available.

Drs. Foster and Smith soon realized that the best way to help pets was to help pet owners in three ways:

1. Give pet owners the information they want and need to improve their pet’s care.
2. Make the products pet owners need affordable.
3. Show pet owners that many of the things they thought had to be done by pet professionals could actually be done by themselves at home… for a lot less!

Drs. Foster & Smith is the largest catalog and online seller of pet supplies in the U.S. Each year, Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith personally review more than 2,500 new pet products, selecting only the highest quality products for their site. When available offerings don’t meet their high standards, the doctors develop their own alternatives under the Drs. Foster & Smith brand name.

Drs. Foster & Smith-brand products are made in America, are available only through Drs. Foster & Smith, AND are frequently less expensive than pet supplies found in retail pet stores.

Customers appreciate their high quality products, professional expertise, world class customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.