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Pampered Pets Will Bring You Lots of Love

May I kiss you?Cats are Smart

Cats have a high degree of intelligence. They have the ability to acquire and remember information and the capability to use it to solve different problem. When you put a cat in a room, she will inspect every corner of that room to gather information. This search will provide valuable information about the environment and can save her life if she needs it.

Dogs Affect our LifestyleThe Innocent One

Well, dogs as objects of our love and affection influence our lifestyle. Once a dog enters your life, you will have to modify your routine to include this special creature. They have to be exercised and you may find yourself taking walks that you might not otherwise take.

Discus fish in an aquariumFish Provide a Colorful Experience

Fish of all kinds make great pets. The little golden fish alone in his bowl can add a touch of color. But even better, there are now huge aquariums, that can be mounted on the walls or even enclosed in them that can contain lots of colored fish, sand, lights, little stones and aquatic vegetation. The huge aquariums are now found in many homes of fish lovers.

Exotic PetsKatussa - Lizard

The list of exotic pets that people try to keep is quite long and has a lot of variety. It includes cheetahs, chinchillas, ferrets, chameleons, alligators or crocodiles, snacks, spiders, raccoons and all kinds of birds. They each bring with them a special set of needs. They must be taken care of each in a very special way including very special diets.

Pet Birds Need Special Care A Pair of Ecuadorian Amazon Red-Lored Parrots

Be sure to keep your pet bird clean, so that he stays nice and healthy. Be sure to keep his cage clean after you select the best spot for it. Do not put it in direct sunlight so that it will not be in a place that gets too hot or too cold and has no drafts. Clean the cage on a regular basis because birds can be messy.

A Portuguese Water Dog Wins Obama’s Heart

Ever since President Obama told the nation that he was going to get his daughters a dog, everyone waited to hear about their choice. It had to be a breed that was known to be hypoallergenic because one of the girls was allergic. The Portuguese Water Dog won and Bo joined the Obama Family.

Portuguese Water Dogs have short hair that does not shed and is considered a working dog. That usually refers to a breed that was bred to work but now refers to a dog that needs to stay busy. Traditionally used to assist in fishing expeditions, the Portuguese Water Dog is now kept as a house pet.

This breed is considered a hypoallergenic dog. While this breed is not as common as other breeds, if you want to dog that is hypoallergenic, lively, and enjoys companionship, then this breed may be the one for you. The Portuguese Water Dog is not as common a breed as other breeds of hypoallergenic dog. You will have to search for a breeder online, in the newspaper, or by calling breeders in your area until you find one.

Generally happy dogs, the PWD needs to stay busy or it will get bored. You should have plenty of toys for it to play with and you may want to consider crate training when you are not at home. This means that the dog will stay in a crate when you go out so it does not destroy your home. When the PWD gets bored or lonely, it will chew on anything it finds.

Crate training should begin right after you bring the dog home. By placing a blanket, toys and water into the crate, you will make the dog comfortable while you are away. You should not use the crate when punishing the dog or it will not want to go in it when you leave for the day. After training the dog, you will have to keep up the routine. This will give the dog structure and will also keep your possessions safe. Keeping the dog in a crate when you are not at home will also reduce allergens.

Portuguese Water Dogs need to be groomed every two months or so. There are two patterns that most groomers follow, the retriever cut and the lion cut. The retriever cut means that the hair is cut evenly on the body. The lion cut leaves that front half of the dog’s body covered with hair, while hair on the hind legs is cut short. You should take the dog to be groomed if you are not comfortable grooming it yourself.

If you are considering buying a PWD, you should be prepared to have a dog that wants to be your constant companion. This is a breed that needs to be walked and entertained throughout the day. If you need to travel on vacation or for work, you should board the dog so it will not be lonely.

Portuguese Water Dogs are easy going and get along with children and most adults. If you are looking for a breed that does not shed and will fit in with your family, then the PWD is the breed for you. While most Portuguese Water Dogs are black, some are white or a mix of both. Their hair is curly or wavy and similar to that of the standard poodle. Portuguese Water Dogs typically live between twelve and fifteen years. You will have a great companion to love as long as he is alive.

Pet Dogs Deserve to become Pampered Pets

All American Dog, a female mutt, needs a forever home...If you are thinking about bringing a dog into your home, there are may things that you need to know about and consider. The new pet will become a member of the family, so you have to select wisely so the dog will fit in nicely. In fact, the first question is: “Are you sure you want a dog?” It is true that dogs make great pets, but you really have to be sure that you are prepared to take care of one for a long time. Are you being badgered by your children to get a puppy? Have you ever cared for a dog before? Do you want a dog because you had one as a child and remember fondly the companionship that it gave you? The last thing you want to do is to get a dog on a spur of the moment whim.

Nice guysHave you thought about getting a dog that is grown perhaps from one of the dog adoption programs or are you more inclined to start with a new puppy? Puppies are so cute and everyone loves them when they are little, but you have to consider the dog they will become. Puppies are fun to watch grow up and they can grow up with your children and just like your children they are going to go through stages. Grown dogs have the advantage of being more calm and you can readily see what temperament they have already.

Whether or not you want a female or male dog is also important. Male dogs tend to grow bigger than their female counterparts. The males are more dominant in their behavior and are more aggressive in some breeds. If you do not plan to have a dog that has puppies, then you will also have to take care of the neutering or spaying.

Balou (our new dog)Temperament is one of the most important factors to think about in selecting your new dog. If you have a purpose for this dog other than as a companion, then you need to take that into consideration. Would you like a guard dog who patrols your grounds? Dogs have many ways of showing whether they are more docile or rambunctious even as a puppy. Pick up the puppy and cradle it in your eyes.  If he wiggles and squirms excessively, this pup will probably require more training. On the other hand, if he lies in your arm calmly, then he probably is mild tempered and has a much calmer nature. When interviewing your dog, clap your hands and make loud noises and sudden movements to see how he responds.  With children, you do not want to end up with a shy or nervous dog who is easily startled.

When doing your research, read about the behavioral traits and maintenance requirements of various breeds.  A lot can be explained about how a dog will behave based on the background and history of his breed. Some breeds require more grooming and some more exercise and some both. You will want to know these things in advance. There are breeds that are very independent and others want to be considered a member of the family.

I thought three was a crowdHave you decided from where you are going to get your dog?  Puppies can be purchased from breeders, but you will want to be sure that they are respectable and dedicated to maintaining the standard of breeding itself. The puppy you purchase should be healthy and well socialized and not one that has been treated roughly or deprived of human companionship.  Local pet shops can be a good place but you want to be sure that you speak to someone that has done business with them before and will recommend them to you.

threeOnce you have selected you new dog, whether it be a big dog or a small dog, the research and thought that you have put into its selection will prove to be worthwhile. By taking care in selecting your new dog, you should be able to find the perfect one for you and your family. Look forward to a lasting and loving relationship with your new pet dog that is sure to be fulfilling for you and your children to spoil and pamper all you want .