Pet Cats are to Pamper and Love

dj sugarPeople often say that they are cat lovers or dog lovers. Why can’t you be both? Cats and dogs are very different and there are qualities in each of them that make them unique and fun to love. Why wouldn’t you want to have both cats and dogs around? Of course, there are some dog lovers that the thought of owning a cat is the last thing they want to consider. Here are some cat characteristics that you should know.

First consider where your preference for dogs may have originated. You may have been influenced by your family members, especially your mother and family. Perhaps you just adopted their preferences. Maybe once you give it some thought, you will realize that you have never really given cats a chance.

...non fidarsi è meglio - my scared cat / gattoYou may discover that cats are not the evil creatures as you may have heard them portrayed. Have you heard one of the old wives’ tales about cats. Many of these myths have no basis in scientific fact. A black cat can cross your path without your experiencing any undo harm.

Cats are curious creatures. Maybe you have heard that they love their homes not their owners. When something changes in their surroundings, they are curious to inspect the area to make see what is going on until they decide if what is different is o.k. They like to keep up with what is new in life. Cats are creatures of habit and when sudden changes occur, they take their time adjusting to the change.

Walking his wayMost dog lovers have been encouraged to make fun of the independence of cats. Cats not dogs are the most independent. Contrary to belief, cats can be trained as well as dogs. Because of their size, you do not see cats being trained to be police cats or rescue cats, but they can be trained, nevertheless. If you have the patience and technique, you can train your cats to walk on a leash, play fetch, walk on balance beams, beg, play dead, roll over, and many other tricks that are normally associated with dogs.

Cats are extremely loyal to their master and their family. They are also very sensitive to mood changes within the family and will respond to them. If their special person is sad, cats will try to comfort you by showing you a lot of attention and staying near you. They will lick your hand to caress you and stay very close. They also react to angry and high stressful situations. As you can see, they are very affectionate.

Cute catPeople love the way dogs jump around and get excited when you come home or when they see you. It is true that cats do not do that. They will however greet you when you come home and rub and purr to get your attention. These wonderful soft bundles of love want to love and be loved in return. There are many ways they show it.

GarfieldCats talk to you in many ways. After you have lived with a cat for a while, you really grow to understand what they are saying. Meowing a certain way may mean “Hey! I need your attention. Will you do something for me?” If they start to make noise–”caterwauling” as it is called–you can take it to mean that they are warning you. Despite their size, they may also be trying to chase something they fear away from you.

Then there is purring. Ahhhh! that soothing, contented sound. The purr communicates with you that the cat is happy and is enjoying your stroking and petting. No other animal makes a sound like it. It is music to your ears. Soon you will become accustomed to all the ways the cat talks to you and what they mean.

the beast yawning - my lazy cat / gatto / chatCats do not require a high degree of care. As a pet, they can become a very wonderful addition to the family who wants a pet to love. Cats and dogs can also learn to coexist very nicely as well.